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de Sluyswacht


Café de Sluyswacht was built in 1695 as a home for the sluice master, employed by the city of Amsterdam and  who operated and maintained the sluice, which itself was built in 1602.
This sluice was built at that particular place to prevent enemy-ships to enter the city and also to let water from the river Amstel  flow through the canals to refreshen  the water in them and to let this water flow all the way to the sea.  Both functions are still taken care of.
The oldest picture of the “st. Anthoniesluis” is a drawing from the mid 17-100’s made by “Rembrandt van Rijn”.  The artist bought the house with the red shutters opposite of “de Sluyswacht” in 1639 and nowadays it is a very nice museum called “Rembrandthuis”.
Café de Sluyswacht was long situated in a neighborhood called the Jewish Corner.  During the second World War, the occupier arrested and carried away most Jewish people, which lead to vacancies and pauperizing of the neighborhood.  A lot of the buildings had to be taken down after the war.

Café de Sluyswacht is one of the buildings that survived this sad period, got restored some 20 years ago and is a bar since.  There is a terrace around the bar and from the rear there is a great view over the broadest canal from Amsterdam named “Oudeschans” and one of the oldest defense-towers “de Montelbaanstoren”.